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“The Minisota Play Cafe is every child and teacher’s dream field trip. The children have no boundaries; just a fun space to imagine, create, and play. This will become a field trip destination for our school for years to come.”

Michelle; The Goddard School

Everyone that comes to MiniSota Play Cafe will enjoy:

The City of Mini Grove

  • Shopping for groceries
  • Getting a haircut at the Salon
  • Delivering the mail
  • Being the doctor or the patient in the hospital
  • Becoming a rock star in the music store
  • Avoiding a trip to the jail

“Up North””

  • Check out the “busy board” wall in the Hardware Store
  • Bringing in groceries to cabin, cooking dinner and playing some old fashioned games
  • Reeling in fish in Lake MiniTonka

In addition to the above fun we can add on:

  • Story Time (Free)
  • Checkers or Connect 4 Tournaments (Free)
  • A Craft
  • Slime
  • Sensory Bins


Have a daycare with infants? We are the spot for you! Babies 0-1 can lay, scoot, roll, or crawl around! There’s a giant tree to gaze at, bars to pull up on, toys feel, and explore. It’s inevitable that babies at this age will chew on anything, so feel free to bring in your teething toys or you can let them play with ours that are sanitized between uses.


Suggested trip options:

  • Small Group (approximately 10-15 kids)
    • Non-private visit-Admission is $8/child
  • Medium Group (approximately 15-20 kids)
    • Non-private visit-Admission is $8/child; adults are free
    • Private visits- see below
  • Large Group (20+ kids)
    • Non-private visit-Admission is $8/child; adults are free (only available in afternoons)
    • Private visit reccomended- see details below
  • Days/times for field trips are flexible to suit your needs
  • The full cafe will be open for adults to purchase drinks
  • A small bottle of water for each child is provided
  • Our facility is wheelchair accessible and special needs friendly
  • We are an allergy aware business

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