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6-12 MONTHS $5.00


General Admission Ticket

1- 9 YEAR $12.00


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10+ YEARS $3.00

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Minisota's Regions

Infant Grove Heights, MiniSota

Let your “not-yet-walking” child lay, scoot, roll, or crawl around! There’s a giant tree/mobile to gaze at, pull up on, feel, and explore. It’s inevitable that babies at this age will chew on anything, so feel free to bring in your teething toys or you can let them play with our “one-use-then-sanitized” toys. We do our very best to keep all areas, especially this one, clean and sanitized!

Mini Grove, MiniSota

It’s true that kids can be anything they want to be, but here at MiniSota Play Café they can be anything they want in a matter of minutes! The City of Mini Grove has grocery and hardware stores, a hair salon, a post office, a jail, a hospital, a bank, and a pizza shop. Each area has costumes, but minimal toys to encourage cleanliness and imaginative play!

Lake MiniTonka, MiniSota

When the waters are calm (non-group class times) MiniSotans can take a boat out for a little “cruise”, do some magnetic fishing, or “swim” on our polyurethane lake!

When the waters get rough, look out because the fun tide will roll in! There will be dance parties, yoga classes for kids, craft times, and other fun group activities!

Voyager's Café

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and grab a drink or snack from Voyagers Café. We proudly serve delicious and environmentally friendly Peace Coffee, in addition to snacks for you and your MiniSotan! Check out the full menu.

Cleaning “Construction”

Cleanliness is a top priority at MiniSota Play Café! If you see a baby gate blocking off a store staff is reorganizing and sanitizing, it’ll be open again soon!