1 Cleanliness

Cleanliness is our TOP priority; yes even above safety. I’ve yet to meet a mom who’d take Influenza A over a small bump on the head. We have polished concrete and polyurethane floors. They, unlike commercial carpets, can be and are bleached every night. Accidents with children will happen, as will accidents with drinks, but we ensure that within minutes of an accident happening there is zero trace of it. We use natural and safe cleaning products such as Norwex Seventh Generation, and Mrs. Myers during the day. We also use our commercial high temp sanitizing dishwasher to wash every toy that can fit and won’t be broken by it. All toys are cleaned multiple times a day to sure your kids leave with smiles and not germs! Next time you’re at any other place your kids play, put them to the test: Ask how, with what, and how often they clean their space and toys.

2 Safety

Yes, cleanliness did come in #1, however, safety is also extremely important to us. We require grip bottom socks on all walking kids so they don’t become Bambi on ice on our super cleanable floors. We also have nothing intended to be climbed or jumped on, which means in our first year of being open we’re proud to say we’ve had no children bounce their way into an arm cast or fall their way into using crutches!

3 Staff

Our team members make us who we are. We try to know your names and we hope you know ours. We’re not here just to check you in and make you drinks. Our staff is encouraged to get out and play with the kids, do crafts and read stories with the kids, and of course, clean. We are here for you. It truly takes a village to raise children and after visiting MiniSota, you will officially be a part of our village. We are here to help in any way we can.

4 Our Calendar of Creativity

MiniSota, in itself, is a blast, but we love to stay fresh. We offer opportunities for every child to create, craft, get messy, and of course, have fun. From making slime or a painted footprint craft to evening movies and tea parties we love having fun and enjoying the magic that each season brings.

5 Cafe

No need to stop at once of the big chains for your drink! We proudly serve organic and fair trade Peace Coffee. We offer a variety of lattes, tea lattes (no espresso, and DELICIOUS), smoothies, streamers, and bottled drinks. In addition, we have allergen conscious snacks and milk and whipped cream alternatives.

6 Infants

Where can you take a 6-month-old where they have their own space to play, without being trampled by older kids, where the toys are all just for them and, MOST important, is kept extremely clean? Our Infant Grove Heights is that place. Not only do we have mirrors, pull up bars, and infant friendly toys, but even when we’re busy, we rotate and clean all of the toys every 90 minutes. We understand how important it is to keep your infants safe from germs, especially in flu season, but we also want them to be free of the car seat as much as possible!

7 Imagination

We’ve all heard it a thousand times, “get the kids off the screens”. We get that sometimes screens are a means to an end; sometimes they’re educational and sometimes they’re necessary to maintain your own sanity. So we will not stand on a high horse and talk down to anyone giving their kids a screen whenever they want. However, when kids are here at MiniSota they don’t even think to ask for them. Here, they’re submerged in to a mini-Minnesota built for just them.

8 Cognitive skills

We are a learning space in disguise. Kids think they’re just playing and having fun, but really they are working on multiple cognitive skills. They are working on visual processing skills by delivering the mail from the post office. They are practicing problem-solving skills by going to the grocery store to shop for food that they will bring back to the cabin and cook over the fire. Also, many of our theme days and events build cognitive skills, like the Turkey Hunt where kids find numbered turkeys to complete the “hunt”! We are constantly looking to challenge and encourage our MiniSotans!

9 Inclusion

We are designed to be a place where everyone, of every age and of every ability level will have fun. We keep as clean as possible for children with lowered immune systems to feel safe visiting and always welcome a call-head for these children to give an “extra clean sweep” before they arrive.

We are wheelchair accessible and welcome children of different ability levels to access all areas. This includes Infant Grove Heights, which has completely padded floors. In addition, we are very allergy conscious. We do not sell anything with peanuts and offer food and drink options that are non-dairy, non-gluten, peanut and tree nut free, and vegan. We also do not allow food in the play area. Whether you are 4, 8, 48, or 84 years old, you can relax or play at MiniSota Play Café.

10 Freedom

The definition of freedom is the quality or state of being free, such as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. Who do we offer this to? All MiniSotans, big and small. We don’t have ridiculous, subjective rules. We want you to do what works for you and your MiniSotan; every family is different and we want you to do what is right for you. We just ask you to follow the Laws of the Land, which aren’t subjective and are strictly for safety (wearing grip socks, not bringing food in the play area, etc.). MiniSotans are free to explore and play in all of the stores and share the toys with the rest of the population. They can feel completely independent in making their own choices. Adults are free to sit back and enjoy a latte (in or out of the play area), take a mental health break, bring your computer and do a little work, catch up with a friend, or fully engage in the play. You are free to do what you want; we’re a space of choices not judgment.
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